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Sunday Services

09:30 AM      English Worship
10:30 AM      Cross-Cultural Worship           
11:00 AM      Swahili Worship


What to expect:

We have an English Language Service at 9:30 am in the Chapel (Snyder Ave Entrance) that focuses on community building and congregational participation.  At 10:30, we join the Swahili Language Congregation in the Sanctuary (either entrance) for Cross-Cultural Worship before adjourning back to the Chapel for English language fellowship.

Why Do church like this?

Our neighborhood of South Philly is a diverse neighborhood with many cultures and ethnicities represented.  God is bringing many of these groups together at our church.   He is training us to be a welcoming, inclusive church.  As we come together, we learn how to better serve each other while growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

What about Childcare?

We have lots of children in our worship service! At present, we are asking all children to remain in the service with their caretakers. We provide stimulating work books for the children to complete that correspond to the sermon text.

Where to park? 

There is limited street parking in the vicinity of the church. You’ll usually find parking under I-95 between Front and Jackson Streets on Snyder Avenue (3 blocks east of the church).  It is recommended that you add 15 minutes to your travel time to account for potential parking difficulties.

Welcome, visitors!
You may have questions…


What Kind of Church is this?

We are a Christ-exulting, Bible-believing church consisting of people serious about following the Lord Jesus Christ through obedience and faith. We're also a multi-ethnic, culturally rich church that seeks to reflect our diverse South Philadelphia neighborhood. We are a church where ALL are welcomed. SACC is a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.


What languages am I hearing?

English, of course! And Swahili...and sometimes a little French! Many of our Swahili speakers are refugees from the Congo (DRC) in Africa. There are currently five congregations that meet in our building on Sundays. We each worship in different languages in addition to English.


What makes someone want to be part of this church?

We are serious about growing as disciples of the Lord Jesus. We want to go deep with Jesus as we grow in knowledge and grace. Our desire is to crucify our sinful desires and pursue Christ-likeness. Worshipping in our church of different ethnicities is uncomfortable at times. But that's what Jesus-followers do... We have decided to put the interests of others ahead of our own.


Why does SACC read so much from the Bible & creeds?

The Bible is God's Word and when we are instructed to read his Word publicly. The Bible is "living and active" able to produce faith in God. What's more, the Bible tells us truth about the most important things that we need to know. Creeds -- we usually recite the Nicene Creed-- are excellent summations of our historic Christian faith.


How can I become a part of this church?

Thank you for asking! We would invite you to consider becoming a member of our church. We are a family and we love one another and our Lord Jesus. The best way to join us is to keep coming out on Sundays. You may also like to attend one of our small groups. For the full story about church membership, be sure to talk with Pastor David Grainge after the service or call the church info line (267) 388-0922 and leave a message.

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